10 Best Novel Reading Apps on Android 2021

10 Best Novel Reading Apps on Android 2021

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Reading a story is one of the most fun activities to do in your spare time. Not to mention reading novels. Thanks to technological advances, now you can read various kinds of novel titles for free using any smartphone. Yes, you don’t have to buy the book.

Here we have prepared 10 free novel reading applications on Android that you can download and use to read novels.

1. Wattpad


Who is not familiar with the Wattpad application, with this application, you can read online novels for free or for free.

Because of the popularity of Wattpad, there are even many films and TV series whose stories are taken from a novel on Wattpad. One of them is Dear Nathan (2017), starring Jefri Nichol and Amanda Rawles.

By using the Wattpad application, you can find many stories from various genres. Starting from romance, action, horror, and various other interesting genres.

Besides being able to be used for reading, Wattpad also allows users to write their own novels and publish them directly on Wattpad.

From these features, many ordinary people who cannot channel their writing talents into a book have succeeded in creating digital novels that many people like. Wattpad is also available as a website.Download Wattpad

2. Google Play Books

Google Play Books
Google Play Books

The second application for reading light novels on Android is Google PlayBook. Mostly, this application is also installed by default on Android smartphones.

You can find a large collection of novels that are popular in the world that you are ready to read for free. There are also some paid novels.

However, because Google Play Books is an online novel reading application, you must be connected to an internet connection to be able to read the available novels.

Google Play Books provides many novels from various genres, ranging from classic novels and life novels to Islamic novels.Download Google Play Books & Audiobooks

3. NovelPlus


NovelPlus is a free novel application without buying coins and can run offline. Here you can find lots of popular digital novels. Similar to Wattpad, besides being able to be used to read novels, you can also write your own novels in this application. That way, you can channel your talent to write a story and get ready to get a lot of readers.Download NovelPlus – Unlimited Free Novels+ 

4. Inkitt


Inkitt is a novel reading app that is quite popular. Here, you can read various types of novels and short stories for free.

Besides being able to be used online, this application also allows you to download novels and read them while you are offline.

The first time you use this application, Inkitt will give you a choice of genres that you like. After that, inkitt will recommend some of the best novels from the genre you specify.Download Inkitt: Books, Novels, Stories

5. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle

To read novels online, you can also use an application called Amazon Kindle. In this application, users will be faced with a lot of novel titles that are ready to be read. The novels are available for free, permanently paid, and paid rent (such as borrowing a book at the library ) with a certain deadline. How? Very cool, isn’t it? You can read books online, but it feels like borrowing a book from the library.Download Amazon Kindle

6. GoodNovel


GoodNovel provides novels from various countries, ranging from Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and Western countries. This application managed to get a number of downloads of more than 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

In addition, this Android novel reading application can also be used online, and of course, it is free. You can also become a novelist, create a story, and get paid for your famous novel.Download GoodNovel – WebNovel & Book & Online Romance Story

7. Dreame


For those of you who like novels with the romance or romance genre, the Innovel application is perfect. Although this novel reading application also provides stories with other genres, this application is indeed more focused on the romance genre. You can find various famous novel titles, such as Twilight which has been adapted into a film.Download Dreame

8. NovelToon


NovelToon, one of the novel reading applications that has managed to get more than 5 million active users today. In the NovelToon application, you can read various novel titles from various genres.

In addition to reading novels online, you can also download existing novels and then read them offline. Not only reading, but you can also become a novel writer by starting with one novel title and getting many readers.Download NovelToon – Read and Tell Stories

9. Free Books

Free Books
Free Books

The last application for reading novels and short stories is Free Books. You can find exciting stories and of course, it’s free. In addition, you can also download various existing novels and then read them without an internet connection.Download Free Books – Download & Read Free Books

10. Libby


The Libby app is a beautifully designed eReader, perfect for use on a smartphone. Created by Overdrive, Libby lets you search through millions of audiobooks and eBooks. You can even borrow titles rather than buying them, which gives you the ultimate online library experience.

You can download your titles for offline reading and stream them if you don’t want to take up too much space on your phone. There’s also the option to send eBooks through to your Kindle if you’re reading in the US. Plus, Libby includes a wish list option, so you can remind yourself of the books you want to read later.

Features include:

  • Millions of books, magazines, and audiobooks
  • Download or “borrow” titles
  • Stream or read offline depending on your needs
  • Create lists of your must-read books
  • Keep your reading position on all devices
  • Define and search for specific words and phrases
  • Add notes, bookmarks, and highlights
  • Zoom in or adjust text size, book design, and background-color

Price: Free Available for: iOS, Android

Above are 10 novel applications that you can install and use on your Android smartphone. So, which novel do you want to use?

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