Alert! Dangers Of Using Mod Apps On Your Smartphone

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Alert! Dangers Of Using Mod Apps On Your Smartphone

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Maybe for you smartphone users, you definitely like using mod applications, right? But do you know the dangers of the mod apk that you are using? Using the mod apk does provide many advantages such as a more attractive appearance and more complete features.

Unexpectedly, you will get a lot of losses in addition to the completeness of the facilities. Check out the article below to find out the downsides.


Have you ever heard of the term Mod application? If not, let’s discuss it together. The word Mod itself is an abbreviation of Modification so a mod application is a modification application.

Mod applications or modified applications are developments from the original application to an unlimited or unlimited version. Usually, this Mod application is developed by a third party who is not satisfied with the features in the official application. The existence of this Mod application aims to unlock all paid features or premium features so that they can be enjoyed for free. And there are also mod applications that aim to access more benefits like mod applications in games. You can take an example like in the game Clash Of Clan, wherein the original version you took a little longer to get gold. But with the mod application of the game, the gold you have can be unlimited. Or like YoWhatsApp, which is WhatsApp which has complete features such as changing themes and anti-delete messages.

Mod applications are indeed famous for using Android, where many applications pay to use premium features.

In addition to android, this mod application is also available in PC games which are commonly used to add game features or change something in the game as in the Clash Of Clan game above. The changes made to the official version of the application into a mod application are actually not too detrimental to the original version. This is because there are also many original developers with mod developers who work closely with the revenue sharing system. But what is very unfortunate is that this model does not apply to android applications. Which of the features provided that should be paid for becomes free which results in the developer getting nothing.

One thing you should know, modifications to the application can not only be used on android applications but all applications on various operating systems can be modified and become an application mod.

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Advantages of Downloading Apk Mod

The advantage when you prefer to use a mod application, either on an Android smartphone or a game, you can get it for free even though the official version is paid.

In addition, you also don’t need to update at certain times which will waste quota.

Furthermore, you also enjoy all the existing premium features without limits.

Danger Apk Mod

Mod applications do provide what users need, such as premium features that should be paid for to be free and unlimited.

But behind it all, the risk of using mod applications always lurks.

Let’s see what are the dangers of using mod applications that can occur.

1. Banned

Banned can happen by the Google Play Store. Why? This is because the application account that you enter in the mod application will be detected by the Google Play Store as an illegal application.

Now if you have been banned, you will have difficulty accessing all Google applications such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, and Google Drive.

2. Many Viruses

Because the mod application is the result of a modification of the official version of the application and was developed by a third party, the security of the mod application cannot be guaranteed by anyone. An imperfect re-coding process can make data more vulnerable to viruses.

In addition, it can also be intentionally inserted a virus by the developer that aims to damage your smartphone. If this is the case, no one will be held responsible. Because no one knows the origin of the maker or who made the Mod.

3. Lots of Ads

The Mod application also does not guarantee that it is free from ads. What is certain is that there are lots of ads that appear suddenly and are very annoying when you are busy running the application.

In fact, not infrequently ads will appear in large sizes and cover all screens and are very difficult to remove.

4. Privacy Disruption

Of course, if you use a mod application, someone’s privacy will be disturbed and even leaked. This happens because the developer or the person who modifies the application is a third party whose copyright is not clear. Where these third parties can easily find out our information with the account used to log in to an application.

5. Disadvantaging Ori Developers

Although not all, many in the end the development of mod applications illegally gives a real loss to the original developer. Call it in terms of material, obviously will feel very disadvantaged.

How not, when the original developer issued a premium application for a fee to get premium features, while the mod version modified it by freeing all the existing features.

Apart from the material aspect, public image or trust will be lost with the emergence of illegal applications or mod versions of these applications.

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6. No Warranty

When you experience problems with the mod version of the application that you have installed on your smartphone, you cannot complain to the developer.

In addition, the official developer also does not want to support it technically because it is not his official application. This will get worse if there are security holes that are easily penetrated by irresponsible parties and you cannot send feedback.

7. Corrupt Software and Hardware

Not always the Mod application has a light size. In the mod application, there can be 2 possibilities.  First, the mod application can be lighter, and second, the mod application can be heavier than the original version. This will change the stability of processor performance which can lead to battery waste and damage to other devices.

8. Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement will certainly be obtained by third parties who modify it because it is clearly illegal and without the permission of the original developer.

So with the existence of a copyright law that is already bound by illegal developers, it can be subject to criminal law. By knowing some of the disadvantages that will occur if you use a modified application like the one above, do you still want to use it? To avoid things you don’t want, it would be better to use the official and legal version of the application.

In addition to benefiting both parties, you can also use it as an appreciation and more respect for the official developer.

Tips for Downloading Apk Mod Safe


Currently, there are many modified applications available on the Play Store, but the installation process is not as easy as the original application.

Given the many risks that can occur every time you download and install a mod application on a smartphone, as mentioned above.

So we provide tips for downloading mod apk safely. But before that, use it wisely.

  • The first step you have to do is download and install an application called
  • This application will help and make it easier to install applications with various file formats including .apk format files.
  • In addition, this application can help you get and install all paid applications for free.
  • Furthermore, after the Tutuhelper application is successfully installed, open the application and activate the Tutuhelper application
  • You can find this application activation after the application is successfully installed and the application screen will appear.
  • After active activation, your Android smartphone will automatically connect to the MOD application.
  • Then open the Google Play Store and look for the application that you want to download or install, you can choose various applications or games that are paid for at once.

Because by using this application, you can freely enjoy the features of paid applications on the Google Play Store for free.

  • And finally, use the search engine by typing MOD in the search field provided and a wide selection of applications and games will appear.
  • Next, just choose a file that has an .apk extension or choose a file with an extension that supports your smartphone and just install it.
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That way you can play or use paid applications with premium features for free on your smartphone.

Safe Game Mods


The next safe way if you want to use a mod application on a smartphone is to change it yourself into the mod version.

You do this by using an additional application called HappyMod.

The HappyMod application is an application that has the ability to modify games.

The results of the modified game modifications that you can enjoy like you can have unlimited gold, coins, or money.

And the good news, you can use this application to modify various games from the Google Play Store without root access to your smartphone.


For the features provided by this application, you can see them in detail below.

  • Security from viruses is very good so that no viruses will enter your smartphone and protect game data from damage caused by rogue viruses.
  • Can be used to modify various games available on the Google Play Store.
  • Does not require smartphone root access.
  • Has a very diverse and interesting modification option.

Safe App Modification

Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher

It turns out that you can also modify the application yourself. It’s not as difficult as you might think.

You can use an application that is no less sophisticated, the Lucky Patcher application.

Lucky Patcher is an application that you can use to make the application into a Mod version.

Slightly different from the previous application to be able to run the function of this application, pay attention to what you must do first before this application can be used.

  • Android smartphones must have root
  • Has the Lucky Patcher app.
  • Already have a choice of games that you will change into the Mod version.

It is very profitable indeed if you use the Mod application. In terms of usability, and all paid features can be obtained for free.

However, with application modifications such as the Mod application, it is also inseparable from the dangers that always lurk for every user. No responsibility can make the developer of the Mod application deal with the law for copyright infringement. Then it would be better if using this Mod application is avoided. Or if you are forced to use it, use it wisely. The losses that result from using the mod application itself will not only harm yourself.

The official developer of the modified application will also experience no less financial loss. Let’s learn to appreciate the work of others by using the official application.


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