Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version 2021 Anti Banned

Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version 2021 Anti Banned

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GBWhatsapp APK is a breath of fresh air for loyal WhatsApp Messenger customers who are bored with the original version. Because this WhatsApp Mod presents features and menus that do not exist from the original version, especially the problem of setting the theme.

At the beginning of its appearance, GBWhatsApp got Banned from the original version. But now with the implementation of the renewal of the application, so it has an anti-ban feature. Curious? Why can GBWhatsApp be more interesting than the usual version? Read the article below to the end.

GBWhatsapp VS WhatsApp

Gbwhatsapp Apk Vs Whatsapp
Gbwhatsapp Apk Vs Whatsapp

Before going deeper into the advantages of the features that GBMods has, let’s first look at the striking differences between the original versions.

Character on status255 characters139 characters
Number of documents sent at one time10030
Maximum media size50 MB15 MB
Copy statusYesNot
Hide last seenYesNot
Share pdf or text extension documentsYesNot
Number of languages45130
Sending a blank messageYesNot
Changing themeYesNot

Advantages and Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp APK


Every WA Mod must have its own advantages and disadvantages, including GB WhatsApp itself. This Mod application provides excellent features that the original version of WhatsApp does not have, even other similar mod applications.


  • Set the display according to your heart’s desire in theme settings, application fonts, colors, and many others.
  • But the cool thing is that you can use the GB WA Apk on various types of OS, such as Android, iOS, Java, and so on.
  • Lock applications and incoming messages from WA.
  • Have more than one WA account on the same device.


  • It’s possible that your number will be permanently banned by the original WhatsApp version and you can’t use it to enter the original WhatsApp version forever.
  • Your device can be infected with a virus because the apk used is not an official apk.
  • If you don’t have the latest GBWA apk, your smartphone’s performance can slow down, even more, so try to keep updating the latest version.

GBWhatsApp Specifications

App NameGBWhatsApp APK
Size53.5 MB
Support SystemAndroid 4.2 up

Different Types of GBWhatsapp APK

This WA GB Apk has several types of modifications such as the following:

1. GB Whatsapp Official

GB Whatsapp has become one of the most popular WA Mods among WA Mod lovers. With this Mod you can login to two accounts with just one device. So this mod is suitable for those of you who want to have two without the hassle, it can be for personal or business accounts. Even more exciting, you don’t need to root to be able to install 2 accounts on one device.

Another uniqueness is that you can set the theme and appearance at will. You can even hide messages that you don’t want everyone to know.

For those of you who like to save your friends’ stories, you don’t need to bother doing a screen short because there is a feature to save stories. In addition, there are also many additional emojis that you don’t find in the original WA version.

2. GB Whatsapp Unofficial

What is the difference between official and unofficial GBMODs? The official GBMods developer is a third-party developer. Meanwhile, Unofficial Mod developers are developers outside of GBMods, therefore they are called unofficial or unofficial.

Actually, the developer of this version of GBMods is a developer of Fouad MOD which is the best modified WA developer to date. The advantage of this mod is the many new and funny emojis.

3. GBWhatsapp Mini

This WA modification is definitely the most preferred for smartphone users with small RAM. The reason is that GBMods Mini only requires very light RAM so that it can be installed on older series smartphones. In general, other GBMods require a capacity of up to 50 MB but with this Mini mod, it only requires a size of 22.94 MB.

4. GBWhatsapp Transparent

This GBWhatsapp developer is a developer with SAM Mod. Just as the name suggests, this WA provides a variety of transparent backgrounds. This makes the WA theme follow the theme or wallpaper that is being used on the device. However, there are certain parts that are not transparent so that it makes the appearance more aesthetic.

5. GBWhatsapp Pro

This one GBMods has features that other GBMods don’t have. This feature is a special setting that allows you to make various changes to the settings menu. However, this mod apk is not suitable for low-end smartphones because the apk size is quite large, which is 43-52 MB.

6. GBWhatsapp iOS

This one GBMods is sure to make users more confident. This is because you are using WA specifically for iOS. The WA display that you get is like a special WA display for iOS or iPhone users.

GBWhatsApp Featured

This chat application does carry a lot of features that are ready to be enjoyed by users. It is felt to increase the user’s communication experience so that they don’t feel bored. Now for the features that you will enjoy using this application, among others,

  • Detailed settings throughout the GBWhatsApp section.
  • No restrictions on sending large files.
  • Can hide messages so they can’t be read by others.
  • Can download your friend’s story directly.
  • Has a lock system or application lock without additional applications.
  • Can send messages without having to save contacts first.
  • Can change the application display theme as you like.
  • Can read previously deleted messages.
  • Can delete messages that have been sent.
  • Hiding online status or typing.
  • Send scheduled messages automatically.
  • Search for group members easily.
  • Reply to messages automatically.
  • Hide online status.
  • Make features always online even when offline.

From some of the features mentioned above, these features are still basic. You can still customize in detail using this application, such as setting font colors, contact avatar shapes, and so on.

GBWhatsApp Menu

Not only the interesting features that we have discussed a little above, this application also provides a menu that is no less interesting for users to enjoy. For example, some of the GBWhatsApp application menus are below.

1. Multi-Language

The multi-language menu in the application unfortunately does not support some languages. But you don’t need to worry, to change it you can change your smartphone language settings to better understand it.

2. Home Menu or Home Screen

You will also find a menu on the home screen of the main screen. In this menu, you can use it for short home settings as you wish.

3. DND menu

DND is a menu that you can use to disable the internet network in the application. So even if your smartphone’s internet network is running you will not be able to receive or send messages if you haven’t deactivated DND mode yet.

4. Search Menu

The search menu you can find the search icon on the application. This is intended to make it easier for users to search, such as looking for names, contacts to the sentence you want to find.

5. Contact Icon

The appearance of the contact icon in this application is also intended to save users time in finding the contact they are looking for. Just click this menu all contacts will appear immediately.

6. Floating Button

Floating Button is a menu that will make it easy to bring up application shortcuts quickly. This allows you to read messages without opening the app or reply to them without opening the app first. The menus available in this application are very varied, for some examples the menu above is still a small part of the available menus.

So you can still change the menu – other menus to your heart’s content.

Download GBWhatsApp

You need to know, this application is not available on the Playstore or Appstore, you have to download it outside the official application.

Want to know how? Listen carefully and follow the steps below.

  • Open the browser you normally use.
  • Then go to the link below.
  • Click Download, and wait until all the process is complete.

Download link GB Whatsapp Official

Unofficial GB Whatsapp Download Link

Download Link GB Whatsapp Mini

Transparent GB Whatsapp Download Link

Download link GB Whatsapp Pro

Download link GB Whatsapp iOS

Install GBWhatsApp

Have you managed to download the file? Then you have to install it first before using it. See how to install it below.

  • If you are already using the original application, delete or uninstall it first, and don’t forget to backup data if needed.
  • Open the download folder for the GBWhatsApp file.
  • Choose a file with .apk format
  • Then click and install.
  • On some smartphones, you have to change permission settings before installing files from unknown sources. If your smartphone is like that, you need to go to the Settings menu – security-enabled permissions from unknown sources.
  • Then wait until the installation process is complete.

How to Use GBWhatsApp

Because this application has a basic concept similar to the original version, the way to use it is also the same.

  • Open the app
  • Complete the registration by entering the phone number you use.
  • Wait for the verification number to be sent.
  • After the verification number is sent, enter the number into the field provided.
  • Done, you can operate GBWhatsApp.

Basically, this application has the same form as the original version. So it is very easy for users. After this application can be used, you can set it to your heart’s content.

Smartphone Specifications

The device specifications needed for the operation of this application actually do not require high specifications. This is because it has been designed with a minimum of RAM to facilitate the operation of this application. It is highly recommended to have 1 GB of RAM to extend the stability of the application to avoid lag.

Next is ROM, for some people ROM is one aspect that is often overlooked. Whereas in addition to RAM, ROM can also affect the performance of an application. For the ROM capacity itself, you can solve it according to your needs.

If you often use this application for trading or a form of high image or video sharing activity, it would be nice if you have a device specification with a large ROM.

GB Whatsapp For PC

Whatsapp Web users may also be interested in this GBWhatsapp Mod because it can also be installed on a PC or laptop.

This installation is with the help of the Emulator apk either with Bluestack, Nox Players, or other emulator software.

Tips for Escape Banned

GBWhatsApp does already has an anti-ban feature, but it does not rule out the risk of being temporarily or permanently banned.

There are several things you should do to avoid getting banned and tips you should know.

  • Never do feedback or report in the GBWhatsApp application, because it will be very easily detected by the original WhatsApp.
  • Use application features to taste, such as changing the appearance of the theme.
  • Avoid activating features that can harm other users, such as hiding blue ticks, downloading status or stories, and many others.
  • Register a GBWhatsApp account with another backup number. This is just in case if one day your number is permanently banned, you don’t need to be confused.


Thus a full review of the GBWhatsapp APK which has many types. You can choose one that you can customize to your messaging needs, either choosing a unique display or a small capacity. If you want to have a unique look but the device doesn’t support it, just use the Mini version. Regardless of the choice of GBMods you choose, you must be able to use them wisely, so that your account doesn’t get banned.

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