Downlod Spotify Premium apk Free Mod 2021 Latest Update

Downlod Spotify Premium apk Free Mod 2021 Latest Update

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Spotify Premium apk free 2021 App is a cracked version of the Official Spotify Music app. Trust me every true music lover knows the best place to get quality sounded music is on Spotify.

This article is all about spotify premium free, spotify premium apk ios, spotify premium apk pc, spotify premium apk offline mode, spotify premium apk no root, spotify premium apk 2021 ios.

Unfortunately Spotify online music streaming is not free of charge. Fortunately we have Spotify premium apk app which is a solution to help you get access free spotify account without heelless.

If you are familiar with Spotify then you should know it a paid service. The music giant offers monthly subscription for user to have access to over 50 billion songs and albums online.

Not every has the money to subscribe for Spotify monthly packages to listen music. We also understand that almost everyone wants to listen to music either online or offline.

Spotify premium apk app is not an app you can find on most of the APP store you know. In fact you cannot find it on google play store and Samsung app store but only on this site.

The Spotify Mod apk app allows you to access Spotify contents ranging from pod casts to albums. The App is very legal to use even though it is not the official app.

How to download Spotify Premium APK Free

At first before you download the Spotify Premium APK App you need to delete the official app from your phone. The secondly you need to allow installation of third part apps from your phone setting.

Do not forget that android will not allow you to install apps that are not from play store. Spotify Premium APK App is a third party because it is not the official app.

Since Spotify Premium APK App is not an official you need to allow installation of third party. After allowing the third party settings then you are ready to download Spotify Premium APK App.

Below are the links to download the Mod APK android App for you. To Download the Spotify Premium APK App file just click on the link and extract the file then install it.

To allow third party app installation on your android device use this blue print…

  • Head over to settings
  • Open your the setting on your phone
  • Now you will need to scroll down a bit
  • Locate app settings or Software settings on your phone
  • Click to open the App settings option
  • After opening the app settings
  • Select allow third party installation

After allowing this third party installation, you are ready to download and install the app. Now you can proceed to use the button below to start the download process.

Download Latest Spotify Premium Apk App

Now i guess it was not hard to download and install Spotify Premium APK App. If this method does not work for you then lets try out the next method to free Spotify account.

App NameSpotify Premium Apk
Size31 MB
Mod Version8.5.70.868
Offered BySpotify Ltd.
Mod FeaturesPremium Unlocked
No Ads
Seeking Enabled
Updated OnJuly 9, 2021
Installation Guidecoming…..

What is Spotify Premium Apk Free

Spotify like i have said before now is an online music streaming platform like Apple play. The platform is considered the biggest music streaming online platform by some people. Going by the fact that the platform is said ti have over 3 Million songs and categories. Reports also has it that Spotify has over 3 Billion playlists and increasing by the hour.

The platform is specially unique in the sense that it provide you with quality sounds. It also recognized for been exclusively different from other music streaming platform. Spotify music tracks cannot be found somewhere else other than the streaming platform. The platform was only available to the United state and Sweden then later expanded to over 72 countries across the word.

Spotify listeners have increased and is still increasing daily as the test of music. Since everyone loves music then then everyone loves spotify, it is a simple logic. I have discussed about 4 legal methods to access free spotify account in previous article. Now in this article, i will discuss on Spotify premium apk or Spotify Mod apk and how to use it.

How To Access Spotify Premium APK Free

Accessing Spotify premium APK is simple, it doesn’t require any special tools. All you have to do to access Spotify premium is to follow the guidelines below to get started.

  • Download the Spotify app using the download button on our site
  • Install and open the app
  • Register and input your payment method
  • Finally click summit

That is all, after all this process you will be granted a full access to Spotify content.

Just like Hulu Mod apk app, Spotify Premium APK App gives access to Full Spotify content. This method is very very effective to get free spotify account but then you cannot get the app on google play store,

The reason why you can get the app on play, is because it is not the official app. Don’t worry we have it here on this site so you will not have go get it somewhere ealse.

Spotify Premium APK App does not require you to sign up or login before you get Spotify content. All you need to do is to download the app, Install and launch the App.

After opening the App the rest is just to continue enjoying Spotify songs all day. There are no restrictions to the number of music with Spotify Premium APK App.

Every music you listen to on spotify with this app can be downloaded without restriction too. Guess what? The app does not contain all those disturbing ads in the free official version.

Free Trial Features of Spotify Premium APK

I have previously outlined all the available Spotify monthly plans and prices before. Now we will bee bringing out the features of Spotify premium account and spotify apk.

Remember that the Mod apk version of allows you to have full access without a log in. All the spotify accounts and password that we have provided are ads free.

That means that you will not have to worry about all the annoying ads that comes up in a free account. Here are the most important and all the features of our free Spotify premium apk app.

Do not be fooled this mod app is the best you can ever get as we will be updating the app every time.

No Disturbing Ads in Spotify Premium Apk Free

Just like you are in the Spotify premium version, there are no disturbing ads in our premium apk app. It is natural in the our free cracked app, your music will not be interrupted in anyway by ads.

And yes you can use the Mod app at anytime of the day without restrictions. If you don’t mind you can even download songs or setup a playlist for your songs for when you are offline.

You should be happy to know that the apk app will have to be constantly updated. But you can continue to use the app for free until when it is ready for update.

Unlimited Music Skips

Spotify free account usually have restriction on number of skips per day. If you have exhausted your daily number of skips then you will have to wait for after 24hours.

In the case of our Spotify premium apk 2021, you will have unlimited number of skips. If you have unlimited skips then it means if you ever found yourself listening to music you don’t like then you can just skip it easily.

This feature is super sweet and i think and know you would not want to miss it. Netflix and Hulu does not have this on their free or trial accounts.

You’ve landed into the song or album that you have no interest in? Just skip it. You do not have to worry about skips because its this feature is unlimited with premium account.

High-quality Music and Sound

Everyone wants to listen to a sound and clear voice when listening to a song. In fact listening to a Quality sound allow you to feel the real energy and message in a song.

Provision of quality sound music is a much more reason why the streaming app have top the online music world till date. Spotify always bring the best of the best quality music and sound to satisfy their users need.

Here you can also minimize the sound quality and thus save data volume. Owners of an iPhone, however, go in the settings on the menu item “Play”.

So as for quality their are no two ways better among other online music streaming service. Unfortunately that this service is only available smart phone and PC users only..

Sleep Timer for Songs On Spotify Premium Apk Free

Do you remember been when you are and parents will sit beside your bed an sing to you until you sleep off. Well i understand not everyone had that chance but we all use to see it in the movies and its always sounds good.

I remember not been able to sleep any night my dad was not around to sing to me be. Spotify sleep son timer reminds me of those days, i setup my phone to play certain songs for a wile until i sleep off at night.

Sleep timer for Songs makes spotify stand out among other online music streaming platforms. Everyone has a music test they want to listen to at certain time of the day.

For example at night i love to listen to Blues music and at work, i love old school hip-hip. This fact is different for everyone, your test might be different from mine spotify premium apk.

For this fact you can just set up a list of songs you want to play on timer until you sleep off. All our free Spotify account will allow you to set up this features too.

Spotify will stop playback automatically and stop playing unheard. This also saves battery life and your time too as you will be a sleep and work automatically.

You can activate the sleep timer via the menu, whereby you can choose from preset options between 5 minutes and a maximum of one hour.

Search and Play songs

Am sure you are families with google search, Bing or Yahoo and how to use them to search. You should be familiar with searching for a particular music through your playlists too.

We same applies with Our Spotify premium apk, you easily search and allocate a particular music from an album. So you can play any song you wanted using the search feature.

Offline listening Spotify Premium Apk Free

Just like you are in your local music file Spotify allows you to listen to Music when you are offline. If you remember well this feature is also available on Netflix.

You can easily download your favorite songs while you are online for offline listening. Offline listening is very effective way of data saving as your data will be conserved.

To setup the Offline listening is not a hard task to complete. If you want to setup Offline listening go to Spotify setting and activate it.

Down edit wards

Faqs Frequently asked questions about Spotify mod premium apk

How do I get Spotify Premium APK for free?

At first i need to point out the fact that Spotify Premium APK is an android based app. Like the App extension suggests .apk shows that only android smart phones can run the app.

On the contrary we have researched and found out away to use Spotify Mod apk on IOS device and PC. Now that is a game changer for OIS users specially and PC users.

To get spotify premium APK for free, you have to download it from our site here. If you scroll up a bit you will see and available link for you to download the Spotify Premium APK app for free.

All you have to do is click on the download button to get started with the download. After downloading it, go to your phone setting and enable third part installation like we did with Hulu.

Now after you have enabled the third party option, locate the downloaded file on your phone an install it asap. After successfully installing the app you should pick from one of our free premium Spotify account then login and keep enjoying music.

It is as simple as that, now you have full functional free spotify APK app account. Please make to come back here always for update on the Spotify Premium APK app.

Is Spotify APK safe?

Spotify Premium APK is totally safe just like in the case of the normal app. Beside we love all our audience and will not want any harm to happen to any of you for our mistakes.

For this reason, we always do a proper check on all apps before we recommend that you can use them. The base line here is that Spotify Premium APK is a good app to use since you cannot afford the regular subscription fee.

If you don’t like the idea of the app, you can as well refer to our previous article. In the previous article you will learn how to create free Spotify account without 4 lagel free methods.

You also stand the chance to get latest working free Spotify account and password. This accounts and and passwords are constantly updated so you will never have to worry.

How do I use the Spotify premium mod apk?

You can use Spotify Premium Mod app just you use the regular spotify android app. Nothing really strange about the Spotify App so navigating round it should not be hard.

Just download the app first, open and install it, copy and login to one account. After logging it will continue being an enjoyment and a musical galore henceforth with Spotify premium apk app.

How do I download Spotify Premium APK?

Downloading Spotify premium is simple and straight forward since we have made everything easy here. Just scroll up a little to locate the download button for the app, then click download and get started.

After downloading it just head to your file manager like i have showed you before. Install, Open and login to the Spotify free premium account to enjoy high quality music.

You can listen, search and set playlist for tracks you want to listen to anytime. The free premium account also allows you to download for offline listening with Spotify apk app.

How Much Is Spotify Premium Cost

Mainly, Spotify offers 3 types of a subscription plan, individual, family, and student, for individual 9.99$/Mon, for family 14.99$/Mon and for student 4.99$/Mon

What Is Spotify Plus Plus

Like Android, you can’t install third-party apps in ios so for that developers made Spotify Plus Plus app for ios, Spotify Plus Plus is a modded version of original Spotify for ios users, Spotify++ allows users to enjoy Spotify premium features for free in ios.

For install Spotify Plus Plus, first of all, configure AppValley or TweakBox in your iPhone, both are mod app store for ios, after configuration complete go to Home screen and open AppValley and search Spotify now click on install tab

How To Download Spotify Premium Apk Updates

This is the best place to get all updates you need about Spotify Premium Apk. Like every other app developer Spotify updates its official app from time to time for security and bugs.

Regardless if there is any major update on the official Spotify app then the premium apk might stop working too. If you ever find yourself in this position please just come back right here and you will get a new working Spotify apk app.

We are always here to help you with whatever you want about spotify and more. Please if you love watching movies too i suggest you should check out our article on Free Hulu account and password.


This article is a full tutorial on Spotify premium apk for android phones. I have written about how to download Spotify android app free of charge.

The apk app can be used for Iphone Ios device users like Android. Never the less, Spotify also has Ios device version for Iphone and Ipad user.

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