How To Fix Android Phone Stuck in Headphone Mode?

Sometimes your Android smartphones can be stuck on headphone mode is a common problem. Here’s how to turn off headphone mode on android.


What Does Headphone Icon Mean?

When you see a headphone icon on your Android phone, it means that your headphones or earbuds are connected.

This indicates sound will play through your headphones or earbuds, but not the speakers.

The headphone icon disappears when you disconnect your headphone or earbuds from your android phone.

If the headphone icon still shows after disconnecting and the phone’s speakers won’t play the sound. Then you might have a problem.


Why Is My Phone Showing Headphone Mode?

Here are some reasons why your Android phone shows headphone mode even when headphones or earbuds aren’t connected:

Damaged Headphone Jack or Bluetooth Issues

It’s a hardware problem in which the headphone jack is not accepting the headphones or earphones. It could have been damaged from an accident, and water may have gotten into it, or dirt has been able to get into the.

It may be the case that your phone has reached the end of its life. If you have wireless headphones, it could be a problem in the Bluetooth and network setting.

Unplugging Headphones Without Pausing Music First

In case you accidentally or inadvertently disconnect your headphones while enjoying music.

The issue could arise because your phone was not receiving an audio signal through the jack when the headphones were not connected to. If you have wireless earbuds, then there’s no problem with this.

How To Fix Phone Stuck On Headphone Mode?

Let’s now look at the ways to get rid of your Android smartphone that is stuck within headphone mode.

Clean The Headphone Jack

The solution is for people who utilize headphone jacks. Make use of a dry air cleanser or blower rid of any dirt that may be in the headphone Jack.

It is also possible to make use of Qtip and ruby alcohol to remove the dirt.

Note:For type-C smartphone users who don’t have headphone ports This solution will not work.

Factory Reset

If cleaning doesn’t work. It is the next thing to do: reset the factory settings of it. This method is also suitable with wireless headphones and earbuds.

Be sure to backup your data prior to factory reset. Go to the steps to reset factory settings on your Android smartphone or iPhone mobile phone for learn how to do it.

Download The Enable Speaker App

The disable headphone- activate speaker application will provide simple and fast solution to the headphone mode issue. This turns off the headphone mode and makes music to be played via your speaker.

However, this isn’t the most reliable method to solve the issue because it may not always work or even on your phone.

It could also contain advertisements. It has a high rate of success which makes it worth trying.

Take It To A Repairer

If everything else fails. You have two options to choose from – bring it to an expert repairer or purchase the phone replaced. This is the most effective and most reliable method of getting rid of the headphone mode.

Final Thoughts

Android as an open-source program comes with its fair amount of difficulties. In truth it is not the only OS can be completely free of problems. Android smartphones stuck in headphones is a frequent issue.

Fortunately, the causes the problem occurs have been explained and the solutions. Follow these tips and you will have an extremely high likelihood that the issue will be resolved.

This is how you can disable or fix Android smartphone that is stuck in headphone mode.

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