With Telepass Pay you can recharge your electric car for FREE

With Telepass Pay you can recharge your electric car for FREE

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In fact, a few hours ago the new promotion dedicated to Telepass Pay and electric car owners was made official: until December 31st all top-ups at Enel X columns are 100% refunded.

In practice, if you have Telepass Pay you can recharge your electric car for free until December 31st.

Here are the details of the promotion.

Telepass Pay integrates Enel X

Enel X
Enel X

First of all, I would like to point out that yesterday Telepass announced the integration of the Enel X charging stations within the Telepass Pay app.

In this way, customers can enable recharging without leaving the app and obtain a single cumulative invoice for all services.

The agreement provides for Enel X stations to be integrated into the Telepass Pay application. To take advantage of this new feature, you need to download the app, select the Enel X charging service and, using the map, locate the nearest available charging point among the more than 13,000 installed by the company (both in alternating current and indirect current).

At that point, it will be possible to start the energy supply and always pay for it through the app.

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Download app

A few hours later, however, confirmation arrived that Enel X is also included in the Telepass cashback promotion, which represents the most interesting part of this article.

With Telepass Pay you can recharge your electric car for free until the end of the year

To be honest, the promotion was already active and used by several users with the columns of the second most popular operator, Be Charge.

With the addition of Enel X, Telepass Pay users will be able to have a very high number of columns available throughout the Italian territory.

How to top-up for free with Telepass Pay and Enel X

The mechanism used is that of cashback: after the user has completed the recharge, he can view the relative amount to be paid on the list of his transactions, and after a few minutes a reversal of the same amount appears.

The service is available for those who will activate, or already have active, the TPlus or TPass plans.

Online it is possible to consult the regulation, which does not place particular limitations, other than the fundamental one of the single recharge per day.

Only the transition of the first top-up of each day will be canceled, while the subsequent ones will normally be billed.


Well, with this news we are done.

I think this is GREAT news for all electric car owners, who in this way have the guarantee of being able to recharge their car for free and quickly until the end of the year.

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A nice saving, isn’t it?

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